Educational Diagnosticians

  • Educational Diagnosticians are here to assess and diagnose students' learning problems. The assessment will determine if the child is eligible for special education, or bilingual education programs. Once the problem has been identified our diagnosticians will plan an appropriate program for that student. Then support personnel will counsel the children, teachers and parents on the child's progress. It is the Diagnostician’s responsibility to see that the program is implemented to ensure students' success.

    Recommendations may include:

              - Child be allowed extra time during tests
              - Child may be required to take tests orally if they struggle with written communication
              - A distractible child may be moved to the front of the classroom near the teacher's desk

    Special Education

    We am committed to ensure that students with disabilities are fully involved in all areas of campus life and make progress in the general curriculum successfully and appropriately as a result of teachers, parents, and administrative staff effectively implementing modifications, adaptations, and/or accommodations.

    We believe Special Education should meet the individual needs of each student and that it should be based on assessment results.

              - Learning rate
              - Learning style
              - Cultural/Ethnic/Linguistic Differences
              - Be outcome-oriented
              - Be linked to the strategies and curriculum of the general education classroom
              - Be monitored regularly and modified when necessary
              - Create a level playing field for all students

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