• Environmental Science Program
    Our Environmental Science Program provides students the opportunity to work hands-on with a variety of living creatures, as well as learn how a garden functions from seed to harvest. Students come away with better knowledge of the natural world around them and the role they play in maintaining it for future generations. 

    REEL (Research Environmental Engineering Leadership)
    In conjunction with Environmental Science, students spend time learning about the science and engineering that help make construction and conservation possible.

    Bilingual classes are available at every grade level in our school. 

    After School Clubs
    Students at De Zavala may participate in Fall and Spring clubs, ranging from cooking to STEM. Our special teachers and paraprofessionals serve as club sponsors and do their very best to provide fun and engaging activities for all participants.  

    Gifted and Talented
    The GT program provides additional learning opportunities for advanced students. 

    All-Pro Dads
    Throughout the year there are several events planned to give dads and other role-models in our students' lives the chance to interact and get to know each other better in a school setting. 

    Beyond the Bell
    After-school care is provided by the District's Beyond the Bell program.