iPad Distribution Grades PreK - 12

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    The Grand Prairie Independent School District’s Board of Trustees approved the distribution of one-to-one iPads for all students in grades 6th – 12th during the June 2017 Board Meeting. Students began to receive their iPads to use in class and at home on September 20, 2017. GPISD has now committed to giving iPads to students in grades PreK-12 starting Fall 2020. 

    The Department of Technology offers the following to help parents and students put their student’s iPad to the best educational use possible.

    Maintenance Fees

    Grand Prairie ISD students enrolled in grades PreK – 12 will be assigned one mobile computing device. to enhance their learning experience at GPISD. Students will be issued devices according to the school/program in which they are enrolled. The school/program determines if your student will receive one or more devices. Grand Prairie ISD will not charge a fee for the use of mobile devices issued to students, however, the district will offer the optional student insurance.

    Optional Student Insurance

    GPISD will provide Optional Insurance to help parents and students guard against accidental damage or loss.  (Details can be found in the “Optional Student Insurance” link found below) An overview of the insurance coverage follows:

    • Accidental Damage
    • Accidental Cracked or Broken Screens
    • Accidental Loss
      • Co-pay - 50% of the total replacement cost of the mobile device.
    • Fees:
      • One student issued device $20
      • Two student issued devices $30
      • All fees must be paid using “My School Bucks”
      • The last opportunity to purchase the optional insurance is Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

    Theft of the Mobile Device

    In the event the mobile device is stolen, the parent or student must report the theft to the campus administration and the local law enforcement agency as soon as possible. The parent/student must obtain a copy of the police report and obtain a case number. A copy of the report and the case number must be given to their campus administration. The parent/student will receive a replacement mobile device at no cost to the parent/student. (Please remember that filing a false police report is a crime.)

    Outstanding Fees

    Students with outstanding fees will be issued a loaner mobile device. The loaner may not be taken home. Each day the student is responsible for picking up the mobile device in the morning and returning the device at the end of the day. Each campus will designate the location for this purpose.

    Protective Cases

    All iPads issued to students have protective cases. These cases may not be remove or replaced in lieu of personally owned cases.

    Withdrawing from GPISD

    If you are a student withdrawing or a Senior graduating from GPISD, your device MUST be returned to the campus in which you were enrolled. If you do not return the items, you will be held financially responsible. You are expected to return:

    • iPad
    • Charger
    • Case
    • Laptop (if applicaable to your program)
    • Laptop Charger
    • Library Books and Textbooks

    Checked-in/Checked-out Contract Status

    Students who owe fees for the actual cost of repairs or replacement of mobile device may be issued another mobile device. Students will be placed under a contractual agreement to check in the device at the end of every school day at the designated place and time set by each campus. The student is to return to the designated place to check out his/her mobile device for use while at school. This second device is not to leave campus.

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  • Documents

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    Optional Student Insurance

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    Optional Teacher and Staff Device Insurance


    My School Bucks - Purchase Optional Student Insurance

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    How to use "My School Bucks" for Loss/Damage in English

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