• 1902 Grand Prairie Schools established
    1904 Ten formal grades established
    1905 Construction of a 2-story building at 214 W. College
    1911 First graduated class completed high school program
    1951 Grand Prairie High School moved to 101 High School Drive
    1956 Gopher Bowl dedicated
    1963 H. H. Chambers Auditorium dedicated
    1990 GPHS remodeled
    2002 GPHS Ninth Grade Campus built on the west end of GPHS campus
    2004 Gopher Bowl upgrades completed
    2008 The SAC-Student Activities Center completed
    2008 The addition of the new Science wing completed
    2011 The SAC rededicated as the Col. Almond, M.D. 
    2011 Construction began on the H.H. Chambers Auditorium
    2012 Construction completed on H.H. Chambers Auditorium
    2013 Theatre rededication to H.H. Chambers/Keel Theatre
    2013 GP Fine Arts Academy moves into the GPHS Ninth Grade Campus and GPHS absorbs the ninth grade population