Who's eligible to take the placement exam?

    • 6th Graders – all students currently enrolled in Pre-APMath 
    • 7th Graders – all students currently enrolled in Pre-APMath -OR- 7th grade On-Level math students who have an average of 90 or above for Semester 1 on their report card in math.


    What does the exam cover?

    The test covers all of the 7th and 8th grade mathematical concepts.  You can find the informational letter and exam blueprint in the link below.  


    How long is the exam?

    The exam will be administered over a 2-day period during students’ normal Pre-AP math class period.

    • Day 1will cover 7th grade math concepts.
    • Day 2will cover 8th grade math concepts.  

    Students will be able to use a graphing calculator on Day 2 only (the 8th grade concepts portion).


    When will the exam be administered?

    The testing window for this exam is April 2020 



    Click the following link for the Algebra I review and other important information. https://www.gpisd.org/Page/37932


    Is there a study packet?

    Yes, the study packet and formula charts are posted on the district website on the Teaching and Learning webpage located at https://www.gpisd.org/Page/37932.