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     Summer Preparation for AP Art History


    Summer Preparation for AP Art History

    Your summer assignment has 2 parts.


    Part 1:

    Visit an art museum, an art gallery, or the site of an outdoor public art installation.

    1. Find a piece of artwork that interests you.
    2. Sit in front of it and study it quietly for at least 10 minutes. During this time DO NOT write anything – just look.
    3. After silently studying the art, record the following:
      1. What is going on in the picture or sculpture? – What idea, feeling, and/or narrative story do you think the artwork expresses?
      2. What do you see that makes you think that? – literal evidence, symbolic clues, metaphorical hints, etc… (Please describe specific details, so that I can picture it in my mind when I read your work).
      3. How do the elements of art and principles of design support what is expressed in the artwork? Don’t neglect this part! I want to know how for instance, color contributes to the mood, or how balance supports the narrative, etc.
      4. Be sure to cite the work: record the name of the museum or space you are in, name of the artist, title of the work, date, and medium. 
    4.  If you are allowed by the museum or gallery, take a digital picture of the artwork. Attach the picture to your written work later.


    Part 2:

    Please think about the following questions (and discuss them with your family and/or friends):

    • Why do humans create images?
    • What is an image?
    • How do images differ from reality?
    1. Think about these questions while you watch/read the attached links for the following 2 art works:

    e. The Treachery of Images (Ceci n'est pas une pipe), by René Magritte, 1929 C.E.

    f. Great Serpent Mound, in Adams County, southern Ohio. Mississippian. c.1070 C.E. https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/art-americas/early-cultures/moundbuilders/a/fort-ancient-culture-great-serpent-mound


    1. Write an essay that compares and contrasts the way each work of art approaches images, reality and illusion.

             In your essay, please address each of the following points or questions:

    1. Explain: What do you think is the purpose for each work of art?
    2. Explain: What do you think is the meaning of each work of art?


    1. Your essay should be typed and printed, double spaced, at least 2 pages (approximately 550 words) and no more than 2½ pages (700 words).


    1. Please cite your research sources.


    Assignments are DUE on the first day of school.