• AP Spanish Language Summer Assignment MAJOR GRADE

    The content below is available here is a downloadable pdf. AP Spanish Language Summer Assignments


    Our school has designed the following summer assignment for students who will take the AP Spanish Language Course in the 2018-2019 school year in order to better prepare them for the course and make the AP Spanish Language experience more beneficial overall. The summer assignment is intended to give students a better idea of what to expect on the AP exam as well as to encourage practice with the language over the summer. Taking this assignment seriously and spacing its requirements out over the course of the summer will benefit you greatly. Do not wait until the week before school starts to begin this assignment! Waiting until the start of school eliminates the continual practice this assignment is intended to provide!

    Format of the AP Exam

    The AP Spanish Language Exam is a 3-4 hour skill-based exam testing your abilities and proficiency in Spanish. It is not a knowledge-based exam like most other AP exams. You are “on stage” in Spanish for over 3 hours integrating all four of your skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    Assignment #1: Familiarize yourself with the exam (25pt total) DUE BY August 31, 2018 submitted to Google Classroom: g6du8ic

    Become familiar with EVERYTHING that is published on the AP website about this exam. The 2007 exam was radically different from those administered in prior years and many published materials you might find practice skills that no longer are tested.


    1. Look at the tips that the College Board suggests for you:


    2. When you have done this, please write a short summary (60-100 words) in Spanish of what you have learned about this exam. Include some ideas of how you will be able to study best over the course of the year. You can also include your hopes, plans, areas of concern, etc.

    Assignment #2 Reading Practice (25 points total, 5 points per article)
    DUE BY August 31, 2018 submitted to Google Classroom: g6du8ic

    1. Reading comprehension and writing are important skills tested on the AP Spanish Language exam. To strengthen your Spanish reading comprehension and writing skills over the summer, you will read and summarize 10 news articles in Spanish. You will also document new words

    you learn and use those words in original sentences. Use the form attached to this packet to record the articles you have read and write your summaries. Start now!

    Where will I find news articles in Spanish? There are many news websites in Spanish available on the internet. See the list on the next page. In addition, most major cities in Texas have at least one Spanish newspaper. These newspapers are usually published weekly and are often available for free outside major retail stores such as Walmart, Fiesta, etc.

    IMPORTANT: If you believe that finding news articles in Spanish will be very difficult for you due to travel plans or other issues, you must speak with the AP Spanish teacher BEFORE the end of the CURRENT school year so that he/she can help you find the articles before the summer.

    News Websites in Spanish

    BBC Mundo www.bbcmundo.com
    El País (España) www.elpais.com
    Univisión www.univision.com
    Centro de Noticias ONU http://www.un.org/spanish/News/
    El Universal (México) http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/noticias.html
    El Mercurio (Chile) http://diario.elmercurio.com/2010/05/05/_portada/index.htm Yahoo en español http://espanol.news.yahoo.com/

    Assignment # 3 Listening/Viewing Practice (25 points total, 5 points per 1⁄2 hour) DUE BY August 31, 2018 submitted to Google Classroom: g6du8ic

    Listen to the radio, news, etc. and document it with a summary of 5-7 sentences in Spanish. Do not forget to document the web page, radio name, etc. You may also fulfill this requirement by watching Spanish television, but it should be something of educational value with a lot of language use such as a news program. See log attached. Start now!

    Vary the type of material you listen to. For example: listen to things related to the environment, politics, economics, tourism, etc. At the beginning it may be hard to understand the first time so you may listen to it more than once, take notes, etc. You can listen for 15 minutes at a time but remember that 30 minutes = 1 point.

    Assignment #4 Writing Practice: (25 points total, 5 points per entry)
    DUE BY August 31, 2018 submitted to Google Classroom: g6du8ic

    You will be required to write 5 journal entries of approximately 60 words (not including prepositions, etc.) on topics of your choice. These can be about your family, favorite TV Show, favorite music group, etc. Be careful not to translate directly from English to Spanish, nor use any online translation service, as points will be deducted or you may not receive a score for that entry. All journal entries must be submitted to Google Classroom

    AP Spanish Language News Article Record Sheet (5 points per article) Need 5 TOTAL

    Please complete the following information in SPANISH.

    Título del artículo ______________________________________________________________ Autor ______________________________________ Fecha ____________________________ Nombre del periódico o sitio web__________________________________________________

    Parte I. Escribe 10 palabras nuevas que leíste en el artículo y sus definiciones en español.

    1. _______________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________________ 6. _______________________________________________________________________ 7. _______________________________________________________________________ 8. _______________________________________________________________________ 9. _______________________________________________________________________ 10. _______________________________________________________________________

    Parte II. Escribe 5 frases originales usando 5 de las palabras nuevas que leíste en el artículo.

    1.____________________________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________________________________

    Parte III. Escribe un resumen del artículo (extensión mínima 60 palabras). ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________ Date: ________________

    TV / RADIO / PODCAST LOG (5points each log, NEED 5 TOTAL)

    NOMBRE DEL PROGRAMA: ___________________________________________________ FECHA: ______________________________________________ LA HORA:_____________ SELECCIONAR (Circle one):


    ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________ Date: _________________