Arrival and Dismissal

  • July 10, 2018  

    Dear Parents, 

    In an effort to ensure student safety, we are implementing several changes that will impact the flow of traffic and arrival/dismissal procedures for the 2018-2019 school year. Detailed maps of the information are shown below. 

    1. Bus/Daycare Drop-off and Pick-up: All buses and daycare vans will now enter the front of the school from the entrance on Sampsell Street and S.E. 14th Street and exit the southwest side of the school onto Pryor Place. This change ensures that all bus doors open on the curb closest to the school. 

    2. Car Riders (Dismissal) & Car Tags: All K-5 car riders will be dismissed from the back of the school. The entrance to the parent pick-up line will be the northern-most entrance off of S.E. 14th Street and all traffic will exit the southwest side of the school onto Pryor Place. Students may be picked up in Lane 1 or 2 only and parents will not be allowed to park in any of the lanes in the back. 
    In an extra effort to keep our students safe, we will continue to use student name placards for all car riders. Next school year, all students will be assigned two teal-colored placards per family. The placards will be returned to the school at the end of the school year. If you need additional placards, they may be purchased through the front office for $8.00 each. At the end of the school year, if placards are lost, it will be the family’s responsibility to pay $8.00 for each of the lost placards. The only placards that will be used are ones created, provided, and issued by the school. If parents in the car rider line do not have the school-issued placard, they will need to exit the southwest side of the school onto Pryor Place and enter the front of the school from S.E. 14th Street and Sampsell Street. Parents may park in the parking lot or in Lane 2, the lane farthest from the school. Proper identification must be shown in the front office and you must be listed in Skyward in order to receive a one-day pick-up pass. Parents will be required to enter the car rider line upon receipt of the one-day pick-up pass. Students will not be dismissed without the school-issued placard for any reason. 

    3. Parent Walk-Ups (Dismissal): Due to limited parking, we will no longer allow parents to park in the parking lot and then walk up to the doors to pick up their children and take them back to their cars. All parents who drive their children home should remain in their cars and go through the car line at dismissal. Students who live close to the school will continue to have the option of being a walker or car rider. 

    4. Walkers: All walkers will be released from one of the three designated walker release points by a staff member. A signed permission slip will continue to be required for walkers. Our crossing guard will remain at the intersection of Sampsell Street and S.E. 14th Street and our traffic officer will move to the intersection of Pryor Place and S.E. 14th Street to facilitate exiting traffic. 

    5. Parent Drop-Off (Arrival): Students may be dropped off in the back of the school in Lane 1 or 2 beginning at 7:30 am. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school or park in any of the lanes in the back. 

    In an effort to minimize the number of visitors in the building, we respectfully request that parents refrain from walking students past the front doors in the morning. School staff will be located outside and throughout the school building to intercept and assist students to class. 

    We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and cooperation as we implement these new procedures. We will be able to make this process a success by working together. Please help us model responsibility, respect, and speaking positively during daily arrival and dismissal routines. Thank you for your support in this effort to ensure a safe school environment for all of our students. 

    Ami Potts 

    Arrival and dismissal map English


    Arrival and dismissal map Spanish