Online Student Enrollment and Registration Guide

  • New Student Online Enrollment Guide (Print Version - PDF)

    Step one - NSOE Account Request - New to District Students

    • Parents/Guardians of students New to the District must request an account from the New Student Online Enrollment Portal in order to enroll your student. The NSOE Portal has two parts: The Account Request and the Enrollment Application page.
    • Please visit the District Home page for the NSOE link.
    • The Account Request process requires the parent to enter the legal guardian’s name, email address and phone number. If the parent does not have a valid email address the “no email address” box can be checked. An email will be sent to the active email address with account log in information. If no email is entered the information will appear in a pop up box on the screen.
    • If the parent has a Skyward Family Access account and is enrolling a new student in the district, they will be able to use their login information on the Skyward Family login screen and select "Enrollment Access". This will direct them to the New Student Online Enrollment page.
    • An email will be sent to the email address entered with a user-name and password for logging into the Enrollment Application page. By clicking on the link in the email you will arrive at the GPISD Skyward login page. You can enter the Login Name and Password and make sure that the Login area drop-down box indicates “Enrollment Access.”
    • If an email was not entered or you receive the message “email already exists in Skyward” then you will need to check the “I don’t have an email” box and you will be prompted to enter a login name. When you Click the button to submit the Account Request a pop up box will appear on the screen and provide you with your password. You will use the login that you entered and the password that you receive on the screen to log into the Enrollment Application page.
    • If you are unable to complete the Enrollment Application at the time that you request the Account, you can always navigate to the Skyward Login screen through the GPISD website at and click on the Quick Links Tab and then click on Skyward.

    Step two - Enrollment Application - New to District Students

    • When you receive your log in and password you will enter it into the Skyward portal. The New Student Online Enrollment screen will open and you can begin entering the requested information for the first student that you wish to enroll. There are four steps in the Enrollment Application. You will need to save and complete each step prior to moving to the next. If necessary you can reopen a prior step, edit it then save and complete again.
    • When you have completed all four steps and you are ready to submit the application you must click the “Submit Application to the District” button towards the bottom of the screen.
    • You will then return to the Summary Page. From the Summary Page you will be able to Enroll another student by clicking the “Click to Enroll Additional Student” button. You will also see a tab for any student for which you have submitted an application as well as a tab for any student that has an application that is not yet submitted. You will need to Review and update and submit any application that is not listed as Submitted in order for that application to be processed by the campus.
    • When you submit an enrollment application you will receive an email with instructions for visiting your campus to complete the enrollment process. You will need to visit your campus of residence and take the following documents:
      • Proof of Residency – Proof of residency is required for all new students. Acceptable proof of residency documents includes: current month’s gas bill, water bill, electric bill, lease/mortgage agreement.
      • Original birth certificate
      • Social security card for the student
      • Current immunization records
      • Withdrawal form/most recent report card and high school transcript from prior school attended.

    New Student Online Enrollment or Skyward Family Access works well with any internet browser although Internet Explorer seems to be slower than Chrome or Firefox. If you need assistance with either the New Student Enrollment or the Returning Student Registration process, contact your campus or email