Student Resources

  • Juniors 11th Grade

    SATPRACTICE.ORG - Juniors will take a school-wide SAT exam on March 7th. Students can start studying now with Khan Academy and even get personalized SAT practice if they previously took the PSAT exam. SAT scores are very important and are used to determine most college admissions decisions. *Students in all grades can use this website.


    All Grades 9-12

    RAISE.ME - Raise Me is a great way for students to start earning micro-scholarships at participating colleges starting with 9th grade! Through a new program called RaiseMe, students can guarantee scholarships from 250+ colleges as early as 9th grade, making it easier to plan financially for school. RaiseMe has proven to be a great tool to motivate students in high schools throughout the U.S. 

    As an example:

    • Get a good grade in a course ($10 - $1,500)
    • Take PSAT/SAT ($5 - $3,000)
    • Volunteer or work at an internship ($1 - $4,000)
    • Take a challenging class ($5 - $3,000)
    • Complete the FASFA ($15 - $4,000) SENIORS ONLY
    • Hold a leadership position ($10 - $1,500)

    **Scholarship amounts will vary by each college

    WWW.GPISD.ORG/NAVIANCE - Naviance is a new college & career planning tool that has personalized information and resources for all GPISD students/families in grades 9-12. 

    • Things you can do in Naviance:
      • Connect with your college & career advisor
      • View upcoming events
      • See what colleges are coming to campus
      • Find scholarships
      • Check SAT scores, GPA, and rank (11th & 12th grade)
      • Get personalized announcements and resources for your grade level and school
      • Complete tasks
      • Keep up with goals
      • Resume Builder
      • SuperMatch College Search
      • Career Research
      • Get the latest information on financial aid, ACT/SAT, ApplyTexas, CommonApp
      • Learn about special programs and opportunities
      • Report college acceptances and scholarships
    • Access:
      • Go to
      • select your school
      • follow the log in instructions
      • Staff can request a demo account through the college and career center to view resources or display information for students