Campus Contacts for Section 504

  • Campus Contacts for Section 504 (Print Version - PDF)
    Contactos de Sección 504 a nivel del Campus (Print Version - PDF)

    Campus Section 504 Campus Administrator

    Digital Arts & Technology Academy @ Adams Middle School
    Keturah Clauzel, Assistant Principal 972-262-1934

    Austin Environmental Science Academy
    Sandra Mejia, Assistant Principal 972-343-4600

    Bonham Early Education School
    Rachel Mendoza, Principal 972-262-4255

    Bowie Fine Arts Academy
    Whitney McKinney, Assistant Principal 972-262-7348

    Global Leadership Academy at Barbara Bush Elementary School
    Joel Robertson, Assistant Principal 972-262-1628

    Crockett Early Education School
    Isabel Camarillo, Assistant Principal 972-262-5353

    Crosswinds Accelerated High School
    Karen Tesmer, Assistant Principal 972-522-2950

    Daniels Elementary Academy of Science and Math
    Gilberto Garcia, Assistant Principal 972-264-7803

    Dubiski Career High School
    Andrea Barrett, Dean of Instruction 972-343-7800

    De Zavala Environmental Science Academy
    Marie Reneman, Assistant Principal 972-642-0448

    Dickinson Elementary
    April Roberts, Assistant Principal 972-641-1664

    Eisenhower Elementary
    Christy Bagley, Assistant Principal 972-262-3717

    Fannin Middle School
    Canesha Hicks or Donain Martinez, Assistant Principals 972-262-8668

    Florence Hill Elemntary
    School Catherine Bridges, Principal 972-264-0802

    Garcia Elementary
    Veronica Alarcon, Assistant Principal 972-237-0001

    Garner Fine Arts Academy
    Erin Whisenhunt, Assistant Principal 972-262-5000

    Grand Prairie High School
    Chris Sosa, Assistant Principal 972-809-5711

    Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute
    Darnisha Carreathers, Chancellor 972-343-3120

    Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
    Gina Esparza, Assistant Principal 972-237-5603

    Jackson Middle School
    Lewis Robinson, Jill Davis, or Matthew Swope, Assistant Principals 972-264-2704

    Johnson DAEP
    Kerry Rapier, Principal 972-262-7244

    Lee Elementary School
    Abe Flores, Assistant Principal 972-262-6785

    Marshall Leadership Academy
    School Gordon Carlisle, Principal 972-522-7200

    Moore College and Career Prep
    Dexter Dixon, Dean of Instruction 972-660-2261

    Moseley Elementary School
    Valerie Villanueva, Assistant Principal 972-522-2800

    Ochoa STEM Academy at Milam Elementary
    School Annie Scott, Assistant Principal 972-262-7131

    Powell Elementary School
    Jaime Williams, Assistant Principal 972-522-6900

    Rayburn Elementary STEAM Academy
    Erika Olivas, Assistant Principal 972-264-8900

    Reagan Middle School
    Amy Robison, Ethan Hoeft, or Cindy King Assistant Principals 972-522-7300

    Seguin Elementary
    School Deedie Jones, Principal 972-522-7100

    South Grand Prairie High School
    Donna Wallace, Assistant Principal 972-343-1500

    School for the Highly Gifted
    Holly Mohler, Head Master 972-343-7864

    Travis World Language Academy
    Flor Portillo or Kenneth Griner, Assistant Principals 972-262-2990

    Truman Middle School
    Ana Jimenez, Assistant Principal 972-641-7676

    Uplift Lee Prep
    Priscilla Parhms, School Director 972-262-6785

    Whitt Fine Arts Academy
    Russ Tribble, Assistant Principal 972-264-5024

    Williams Elementary
    Mesias Trejo, Assistant Principal 972-522-2700

    Young Men's Leadershp Academy
    Adrian Sample, Assistant Principal 972-264-8651

    Young Women's Leadership Academy
    Michele Andrews, Assistant Principal 972-343-7400