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    "I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. I am a student of theatre and excellence is my ideal. I promise to perform my part as well as I can; to accept praise and criticism with grace; to cooperate with my fellow thespians and work for the good of the troupe; and to share my love of theatre."


     In 2015, our Thespian Chapter was founded by Jennifer Bishop and a group of 14 dedicated students. Since then, our high school chapter has grown to 64 members and 23 members in our Jr. Thespian troupe. 

    Troupe 8227 is an honor society that values the love and passion for theatre and the effect it has in the local community.  



    2019-2020 Troupe 8227 Elections

    Dear Thespians,

    We cannot thank you enough for such an amazing year.

    It is because of your continued support and dedication to our troupe,

    that we were able to become an outreach in the DFW theatre community.

    Although this year has been everything we could imagine and more,

    it is time to pass the torch of our elected leadership positions to the next generation.

    Leadership positions are passed through an election process held annually near the end of the current school year.

    Our current officers are excited to see the new and innovative ways our troupe can transform in the upcoming years.

    -Your Troupe 8227 2018-2019 Officers


    2019-2020 Running Canidates:

    President: Zaria Brownless, Aj Walls

    Vice President: Melanie Leon Tejada, Kaylie Jones, Izzie Yother, Caden Large

    Secretary: Kaitlyn Mier, Kaylie Jones, Avery Taylor, Carlwell Redmon, Breauna Burgess

    Treasurer: Savannah Brooks, Cayman Hardin

    Historian: Grayson Norman, Melanie Leon Tejada, Lauren Raymond, Elyanna Gonzalez

    Community Service Chair: Grayson Norman, Will reames, Josie Jennings, Yari Canini

    Social Chair: Lauren Raymond, Isabella Gueck, Elyanna Gonza;ez, Toni Delgado, Kirsten Mapps

    Fundraising Chair: Isabella Gueck, Yari Canini

    Parliamentarian: Izzie Yother, Carlwell Redmon, Caden Large



    Broadway Backwards: Hosted by Troupe 8227


    GPFAA Thespian Troupe 8227 will host its first Caberet for a Cause: Broadway Backwards on May 3rd at

    7:00pm. Mirrored after "Miscast Monday" in New York City, Performers have the opportunity to perform

    song selctions intended for the opposite gender.

    We hope you can make it out to this exciting event for an even mor eexciting cause: Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids.

    *Entrance by Donation, All proceeds will go to Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids*




    Thespian troupe 8227 in their troupe jackets

     Thespian Festival



    Each year, Troupe 8227 participates in the Texas State Thespian Festival. The festival spans over a period of four days where students are exposed to numerous classes that range from acting intensives to hair make-up and costume design. 

    Our troupe also participates in the National Individual Event competition while at festival. National Individual Events (NIEs) is an educational program that offers Thespians the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs.  

    The performance Individual Events include: monologue, duet acting, group acting, solo musical theatre, duet musical theatre, and group musical theatre. The technical Individual Events include: costume construction, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, short film, sound design, stage management, and theatre marketing.  

    The National Individual Event competition also allows our thespians the opportunity to qualify for the International Thespian Festival held in Lincoln Nebraska each June.


    thespian festival


                                               technicians                                                                                                                                     jr thespians

    Thespians at Texas Thespians Festival 



    Master Class with Seth Rudetsky

    Notable Thespian Awards & Accolades


    GPFAA received the following honors:

    Performed The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney as part of the festival Play Marathon Series

    One of 6 schools named as a Finalist for Super Troupe of Texas 2018

    Joryhebel Ginorio and Bailey James were selected for the ALL-STATE Cast and performed with Broadway star Annaleigh Ashford during the closing ceremonies

    Zoey Kaps was awarded Best Supporting Actress in a Play Marathon

    Bailey James and Kristina Lenkowsky received a Thespian Scholarship Award to the college of their choice

    8 seniors received over 150 college callbacks

    32 of 35 students qualified for the International Thespian Festival in June, 2019

    Bailey James and Hannah Navarro in Duet Acting

    Joryhebel Ginorio and Madison Moore in Duet Musical

    Lauren Raymond, Leah Gilliland, Nicolette Doke, Kaleb Godwin, Andres Reyes, Kirsten Mapps in Group Musical

    Avery Jane Taylor, Darnell Robinson, Spencer Sloan, Fabian Cortina, Ben Sherman, Izzie Yother, Will Jones, Lindsey McCallum, Shyperia Brown, Caden Large, Bailey Arlidge in Group Musical

    Christian Arruble, Grayson Norman, Kaycee Wiggins, Mallory Stark, Julissa Martinez in Group Acting

    Kristina Lenkowsky in Stage Management

    Zaria Brownlee in Set Design

    Ryan Rodriguez in Costume Design

    Tiffany Stone in Costume Construction

    Bailey Gueta in Costume Construction

    Brazi Beall in Short Film




    Troupe 8227 All Star Troupe Display


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