Say Hello to Xello!

  • xello logo Xello is an engaging, fun-to-use software that students can access online, at school or at home. Students can even access Xello from their mobile devices. Using Xello, students plan their journeys toward the future by creating their very own unique roadmap for future success.

    The program is implemented through the GPISD Counseling Services Department at every elementary and secondary campus. The mission of the Counseling Service Department is to guide students from cradle to career, making every student future-ready!

Introduction Video

Xello: Make Every Student Future Ready

Login Instructions

  • Get started on the journey to becoming future-ready by logging in to Xello.

    Username: GP-Student ID Number (no spaces)
    Password: fllllmmdd

    • f: first letter of the first name
    • llll: first four letters of the last name
    • mm: the month of birth
    • dd: day of birth
  • The "Why" Graphic

    Social-Emotional Learning
    The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons in Xello complement campus and district initiatives that promote a growth-mindset approach to achieving goals, fostering perseverance, and building self-confidence and other vital skills that lead to real-world success for students. 

    Academic Learning
    By using Xello and embedded tools, students will play a more active role in monitoring their academic progress and graduation requirements will empower them to make informed decisions about their futures.

    Career Readiness
    Using the rich, engaging content in the Xello program, students are able to create dynamic actionable goals and outline the steps needed to achieve school, career, military, and life goals. 

    College Readiness
    Using the visual planning tools for post-secondary options in Xello, students are able to connect the multiple college readiness pieces and move from exploration to a successful plan of action for college. 


  • Interactive Student Profiles for Elementary

  • Immersive Career Content for Elementary

  • Elementary Lessons

  • Career Matchmaker

  • Personality Style Assessment

  • Learning Style Assessment

  • After High School

  • Favorite Clusters

  • Experiences

  • Skills & Interests

  • Storyboard

  • Career Profiles

  • School/Program Profiles

  • Profiles of College Majors

  • Electronic College and Career Portfolio

  • Course Planner

  • Electronic Transcripts

  • Fully Integrated Lessons and Curriculum


  • Xello Parent Letter - English

  • Xello Parent Letter - Espa�ol