Texas Success Initiative

  • The Texas Success Initiative Assessment, better known as the TSI test, is a program which determines the appropriate level of college course work for an incoming student. The TSI test consists of three separate exams: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

    Below are the proposed rules for GPISD for TSI: 

    1. TSI should only be administered to students enrolling in dual credit classes during their high school career.
    2. Texas public universities may not accept TSI scores from high school if the students did not enroll in a dual credit class.
    3. TSI should not be administered to students before spring of their 10th grade year after registering for 11th grade dual credit courses.
    4. The exception to this would be students entering GPCI, ECHS, or another    pathway that specifically offers dual credit courses before the students’ junior year.
    5. Within the exceptions listed above, TSI can only be administered to students in the semester or summer immediately preceding their enrollment in a dual credit course.
    6. Students should not attempt TSI more than 3 times in a semester.
    7. Student administrations must be at least two weeks apart.

    The campus must provide meaningful intervention for the student before attempting the test again, regardless of the time between the attempts.





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