Bobcat Breakfast Club

  • Bobcat Breakfast Club is our competition theatre troupe. Founded in 2018, our group of 12 students met in the mornings to prepare for upcoming competitions. Composed of  select 5th grade students, we will spend our rehearsal times preparing for competitions around the Grand Prairie district. This club is dedicated to the art of theatre and upholds the highest respect for the performance of not only our troupe, but also the other theatre groups in our area. We perform in the following categories at each competition:

    • Monologues
    • Poster Design
    • Lip Sync

    Information regarding auditions for the troupe and scheduled competitions can be found here. Please check back frequently for updates.


    Bobcat Breakfast Club Members

    Genesis Becerra
    Anylah Brown
    Ollie Carruthers
    Diego De La Garza
    Diamond Gonzalez
    ​Payton Harris
    Kileigh Lowry
    Crystal Tinoco
    Billy Webb

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