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    A quality Physical Education Program supports the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of students. When students maintain adequate levels of physical fitness and make healthy choices, the conditions and opportunities for learning also increase.  For these reasons, Physical Education plays an integral role in a comprehensive educational program. 

    "When you feel like quitting; think about why you started!"


    The visual arts program at Eisenhower Elementary is designed to meet the lifelong learning needs of our students by providing a meaningful experience that allows the development of problem-solving and studio skills.

    The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills are incorporated within each unit of study to meet the states’ curricular objectives and expectations. Students are taught through the use of a Discipline-Based Art Education strategy that integrates aesthetics, criticism, history, and production.

    Another strategy for learning from an artwork that is gained by students is the Feldman Model for Critical Inquiry. It teaches students how to look at art, and what to look for in it. The process involves a foundational approach where you first, list the elements of art through describing, analyze these elements by organizing them with the principles of design, interpret any moods and feelings being conveyed by the work, and finally evaluate the work by placing artistic merit on the success and aesthetic value of the artwork.

    Our goal is to have the kids be “Art Smart”


    Music education is an integral part of children’s education. It provides an avenue for children to express themselves and their emotions in a way that only music can. Music enforces a higher level of thinking and reasoning that improves children’s capacity to learn and comprehend. Because of having music education, children will lead better-rounded lives. 
    At Eisenhower, all students (Pre-k through 5th) perform, create, and respond to music in various ways. Students sing, play instruments, listen, and move to music. They also read, notate, analyze, and evaluate music. Students are exposed to music of their culture and from different parts of the world, as well as many historical periods. All students receive at least one opportunity to perform the musical skills they learn for parents, families, and the school community. 
    There are also additional musical opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students throughout the year such as joining our award-winning Eisenhower Cougar Choir, or The Mallet Masters (xylophone ensemble), or auditioning for the Grand Prairie Elementary Honor Choir.
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