GPISD Outdoor Classroom Newsletter - April/May 2020

  • Earth Day! Earth Day!

    Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

    Things to look for in this issue:

    - Victory gardens

    - Gnome info

    - History of Earth Day

    - Earth Day challenges

    - Connecting Earth Day

    - Conservation ideas

    - Earth Day appreciation & craftivities

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  • Follow the Natural Science Education Center! Follow the Natural Science Education Center!

    Join us on Facebook & Twitter. We are posting daily through the end of May with additional resources, activities and interactions.

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  • Victory Gardens Victory Gardens

    What are they?

    During World War II, Victory Gardens were planted by families in the United States (the Home Front) to help prevent a food shortage. This meant food for everyone! Planting Victory Gardens helped make sure that there was enough food for our soldiers fighting around the world.

    The Victory Garden Project

    The goal of The Classroom Victory Garden Project is to teach elementary students about the role of community in WWII through interdisciplinary curriculum designed to connect the past and the present. Millions of Americans grew Victory Gardens in their backyards - and on rooftops and in window boxes - during WWII to supplement their wartime rations and help spur victory. That can-do spirit can offer your young students an age-appropriate entree into the lessons and history of WWII

    Read more about it by clicking on this link

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  • Spring is here! What could you plant?

    Early April plant:

    snap beans
    lima beans

    Late April plant:

    southern peas
    sweet potatoes

    Snap a picture and share it using #GPISDeco

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  • Did you gnome? Did you gnome?

    Lee Elementary and Austin Environmental Science Academy are the campuses had the most readership for the Feb/March newsletter and won Earth Day goodies and reusable totes. Way to go Lee and Austin! These will be delivered to you as soon as school is back in session.

    Will your campus be this month's winner? How to participate?

    Share this newsletter with your staff, parents, social media.

    Each person reads the newsletter and finds the gnome.

    Click on the gnome and complete the requested information by May 1st!

    Happy gnome hunting! 

    This month the TOP 2 GPISD campuses with the most readership will receive Earth Day goodies.

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  • History of Earth Day History of Earth Day

    Learn more about the history of Earth day by logging on to your favorite reading app, Sora, Raz kids.

    Check out these videos.

    Earth Day for Kids

    PBS-The First Earth Day

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  • Earth Day is EVERY DAY Challenges! Earth Day is EVERY DAY Challenges!

    We would love to see you and your family participate in these challenges to show your love and care for our Earth. Please share the challenges by posting on social media using#GPISDeco

    Week of April 13-17 Challenge

    This week we want to see your family's recycling mascot. Show off your creative reuse abilities! Post photographs with these hashtags #GPISDeco and #WeAreGPISD or #GPISDstillCreating. You can also email to Let us know what school you represent.

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  • Meet Henry the Trash Eating Raccoon! Meet Henry the Trash Eating Raccoon!

    Henry lives at Bowie Fine Art Academy and is made from things that can be recycled. Create a mascot out of recyclables that will help remind your family to recycle!

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  • Connecting Earth Day to Learning & Take Action Connecting Earth Day to Learning & Take Action

    Earth Day Math Games

    Make words using the word: Earth Day

    Read the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss: Discuss about the ways that the Once-ler did not take care of the land of the Lorax. How would you take care of the earth?

    Watch the video about air pollution. Talk about different causes of pollution and how that can affect the world (lungs, water, sight, animals)

    Recycling and Compost lesson (has a google classroom post option)

    Earth Day Graphic organizer


    Don’t Mess with Texas

    Take action with the Don't Mess with Texas Campaign

    There is also a mini-activity book to promote the beautification of Texas

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  • Ways you can conserve resources

    How to use one paper towel

    Watch this TEDTalk about how not to use so many paper towels.

    Reduce your Plastic Use Everyday

    51 Wonderful Ways to Conserve WATER

    Don't be an Energy HOG!

    Challenge Yourself and join Earth Day 2020

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  • gnome Other ways to appreciate Earth

    Go on a nature walk! (while keeping social distancing of 6ft+)

    - There are many things to explore when going on a quiet walk. Create your own scavenger hunt prior to your walk. Or find one on the internet to make the nature walk have purpose.

    Bird Watch!

    - Learn to identify the 16 focal species. Use the bird-ID guide below and silhouette posters. If you want to obtain a regional list of focal species, visit Celebrate Urban birds

    - Pick a place to watch birds and stick to it! Your bird-watching area should be 50 feet by 50 feet—about the size of half a basketball court. Find and remember the visual boundaries of your area. Don’t change your bird-watching area.

    - Spend just 10 minutes observing birds. Repeat your observations 3 times (use data chart attached).

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  • Craftivities!

    Make art to express your appreciation for Earth

    - Listen to the song: What a Wonderful World by Lois Armstrong After listening to the song a few times, the students will paint a water color picture using some of the phrases of the song.

    Art from song: What a wonderful world

    - Recycled art: Take something that was meant to be trash but make a new art piece with it! Tinfoil is perfect for molding into a new sculpture.

    Nature Art

    - Nature Art: Take natural items and create a picture

    Nature Art

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