Welcome to kindergarten at Moore Elementary! Our three kindergarten and PreK classrooms are always busy working on language activities, using the word wall, reading big books and poems, participating in calendar activities, learning with math manipulatives, and building stamina in the Daily Five. 

    Tips for Parents

    Be on time to school. Students are late after the 8:10 bell.
    Be at school everyday, unless running a fever or have a contagious infection.
    Read to your child every day.
    Help your child complete their homework each evening.
    Students need pencils, crayons, scissors and glue at home to complete homework assignments
    Check and sign your child's folder everyday.
    Remove notes and papers that do not need to be returned to school.
    Remember to send a healthy snack to school with your child each day. 

    Items we are always in need of...

    paper towels
    baby wipes
    dry erase markers/erasers
    cotton balls
    wiggly eyes
    pipe cleaners
    popsicle sticks
    tissue paper
    play dough
    colored construction paper
    white and colored cardstock

    Kindergarten Word Wall List

    A, and,  am, at, all, are, away, boy, big, but, can, come, dad, dog, do, did, down, for, find, go, girl, has, he, his, have, here, help, her, had, in, it, is, I, jump, like, look, little, my, mom, me, make, no, not, on, play, run, said, see, she, the, to, this, that, they, up, where, we, with, was, want, went, will, yes, you.

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