1st Grade

  •        Ms. Robertson,  Mrs. Derrick, Mrs. Haines

    Our First Grade team is hard at work to improve and engage your child. We work daily on our reading skills to improve not only reading but fluency. We are busy working on our math skills, too. The students love working with hands on objects to learn addition, fractions, numbers, and problem solving.  The main focus in first grade is reading. We ask that you read with your child on a daily basis. Read anything and everything from cereal boxes to XBOX game instructions, papers, magazines, grocery ads, phone books, signs, if it has words have them read it to you. Make it fun!!

    First Grade Word Wall 

    a, come, help, me, is, here, down, and, my, it, in, find, away, not, jump, little, for, big, one, three, look, blue, two, said, make can, go, see, the, funny, you, we, to, up, where, yellow, play, run, all, black, went, eat, four, do, brown, what, am, new, into, are, white, good, no, now, came, who, must, on, ate, pretty, she, our, they, so, ran,,, be, out, this, soon, ride, he, please, too, that, saw, have, want, under, there, say, well, was, will, did, get, but, at, thank, with, yes, by, of, or, has, every, last, know, her, made, fly, old, my, once, from, any, let, put, him, give, them, as, over, his, then, were, ask, live, some, open, again, take, round, think, could, walk, had, when, going, how, stop, after, if, use, word, your, day, an, each, which, their, other, long, more, about, many, these, would, part, time, write, number, than, way, people, first, call, water, been, oil

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1st Grade

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