Frequently Asked Questions from GPISD

Local Teacher Designation Levels

  • Will the teachers that get the distinction still stay in the classroom and teach?

  • Is the information decided based on the 19-20 or 20-21 year?

  • Is this renewed automatically or do proposals need to be submitted regularly?

  • How long will the program be issued per campus?

  • How do you earn the different levels recognized, masters, etc…?

  • Once you are considered a Master teacher, will you always be considered “Master” or can it change yearly?

Financial Compensation

  • Will students that come to my class after a certain date be counted?

  • Can we decide to donate a % to a selected staff member?

  • How soon will I have money in my pocket?

  • The TIA plan indicates that 90% goes to teacher compensation at that campus. It does not say that the other 90% goes directly to that individual teacher that earned the designation. How much compensation will the teacher that earned the designation realize?

  • How does the 90% transfer with the teacher should he/she change schools the next school year?

  • How does the money awarded affect a previous campus if it had been used/planned for use?

  • Do teachers get that money each year? Or is it earned each year while keeping the distinction?

  • How much will a specific teacher get? Will the district have to outline that?

  • Will the percentage for the teacher that earns it be taken off the total or off the 90%?

Obtaining National Board Teacher Certification

  • Would teacher’s past accomplishments take account in the program?

  • Will the teachers that get the distinction still stay in the classroom and teach?

  • Is there reimbursement for the fees when gaining National Board Certification?

  • If you have your national board certification, are you automatically on the “Recognized” level?

  • Is it possible to go from a Recognized designation to a higher designation within 5 years, or are you stuck at that level for 5 years?

Testing Data

  • How are non-STAAR tested subjects reviewed?

  • How are these data points and student information going to be applied to specialists and specials teachers?

Additional Training

  • Will there be additional training for those teachers participating?

Staff Other Than the Teacher of Record

  • Do teachers have to pay to be considered?

  • My instructional coach also wants to know how they will be compensated.

  • Why were specials/specialists/iCoaches not included in the initial plan?

  • Can Specials Teachers earn Recognized designation if they are National Board Certified?

Committee Meetings

  • Is there incentive pay for serving on the committee?

  • If we are on the committee will we see what the district has outlined so far?

  • What time are the committee meetings?