Frequently Asked Questions from TEA

Allotment & Spending Questions

  • Is the allotment for the teacher or the campus?

  • If a district does not have a local designation system as part of the Teacher Incentive Allotment, but employs designated teachers, will the district receive allotment funds for those teachers?

  • Will the campus socio-economic tier data be recalculated every year?

  • If a designated teacher moves campuses from one school year to the next, will the allotment that teacher generates be recalculated?

Local Teacher Designation Systems Questions

  • Can a district phase in different groups of teachers over time?

  • Can a district apply for TIA only at specific campuses in their district and not others?

System & Data Submission Review

  • What student growth measures can be used for teachers in non-tested subjects?

  • Exactly what data will schools be required to submit for the data review process?

Stakeholder Engagement Questions

  • When should districts begin communicating with teachers about their local designation system?

  • What stakeholder groups should be included in developing the local teacher designation system?

Timelines Questions

  • What is the timeframe to apply and what happens after a district’s local designation system is submitted for review?