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  • Dallas College Work Ready U Program:

    WorkReadyU offers a no-cost adult education program that teaches you the skills needed for college or career success.

    Classes are available year-round at multiple campuses and partner locations during hours most convenient for you. WorkReadyU staff will support you with registration, enrollment and guidance through the program. Eligible students can receive financial assistance with tuition and books.

    This program offers

    WRU Initial Eligibility Requirements*:

    • Valid Photo ID
    • Do not have a bachelor’s or advanced degree in the US
    • Resident of Dallas County
    • 16-18 years of age - Parental/guardian clarification and other documentations required.

    Fill out the Work Ready Interest Form for more information on the program.

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    Resume Tips

    Having a strong resume is crucial to landing a job interview. Do these 6 things to your resume before submitting it to hiring managers.

    Check out the 6 resume tips video here:

    • Review your contact information: Make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date. You can’t hear back from hiring managers if you have an outdated phone number on your resume or a typo in your email address.
    • Use a professional email address: It’s okay to have a fun and playful email address for keeping in touch with close friends and family, but if you are serious about getting a job, using a professional email address on your resume is a must. If you don’t have one already, create a new email specifically for your job search. Standard professional email addresses are []
    • Keep it short and simple: A one-page resume is all you need, especially if you do not have previous work experience. Don’t try to fill your resume with unnecessary information like “references available upon request” or list hobbies that don’t relate to the job you are applying for.
    • Customize it: Don't send the exact same resume for every position you apply for. Increase your chances at getting an interview by customizing your resume for each position you apply for.
    • Use keywords: But not too many. While it’s important to add a few keywords from the job posting to your resume, don’t overdo it. Check out this article to learn the best way to use keywords on your resume.

    Developing a professional image

    A professional image is a part of who you are, it is always with you. Being a professional in all situations can really set you apart from others in the working world. In this module, you will learn about the key factors to a professional image and how they can be applied in the workplace. Start the training.

    Developing a professional image:

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