• Good afternoon, GP ECHS Graduate!

    Thank you for requesting your paper copy of your transcript and/or diploma (if you had not already received it). This is your friendly reminder that you can pick up your document(s) ANYTIME Monday-Thursday, Dates and Times: TBD....

    To stay in accordance with CDC guidelines, when you arrive at the Main Campus front doors with your GPHS student ID – please remember to maintain proper social distancingYou will form a line at the door to the most right, waiting for someone at the door to check your ID and bring you your document(s).

    *If you are 18 you must pick up paperwork yourself or complete a written consent form available on campus.

    *Parents can pick up for graduates under the age of 18 without student ID if the parent has their ID and are listed in skyward.

    *Siblings cannot pick up for each other.

    Remember that you can also request to have your transcript sent digitally via XELLO to your college for free. Directions: How to XELLO: Transcript 

    Have a safe summer! And be sure to represent GP ECHS as a proud alumnus wherever life takes you! #ahhhGP