Beginning of the Year Baselines and Intervention

  • Intervention and enrichment time will be scheduled regularly for students to best meet their academic needs. During this time, students may engage in assigned group activities, project learning activities, small group instruction, and digital platforms. Teachers will communicate with students their plan for the designated time.  The following considerations will be adhered to ensure all students receive an optimal learning experience that address their specific educational needs.

    Re-entry Plan: We will gather data through a BOY baseline assessment.  This baseline assessment will be administered in place of the Q1 3-week assessment.  Students in grade K-12 will have the opportunity to take the STAR 360 Math and Reading on Renaissance Learning to determine students’ content strengths and deficiencies. 

    Instructional Gaps: We will take the data from the baseline assessment to determine where the gaps are with each student. Since our students have missed approximately 20 weeks of face-to-face instruction, we anticipate there will be larger gaps than the typical summer slide. Especially students in grades K-2 since they are foundational grade levels. However, our Teaching and Learning teams have been working diligently to develop effective instructional approaches, modified scope and sequence and intervention strategies to address possible gaps in learning.

    Scope and Sequence: To ensure our students are fully equipped for the upcoming content requirements, we will need to integrate grade level TEKS from the previous school year within our Beginning of Year instruction. The TEKS Resource Gap Plan will be utilized to help close possible gaps, all while staying on track ensure the required grade level TEKS are taught and learned. Lessons will prerequisite skills (from previous grade level) will be embedded into district elementary math and science calendars to ensure that instruction is appropriately aligned.  It will be imperative that current grade level instruction is not shut down to fill gaps resulting from last year’s school closure.

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