Taking Care of You

  • Taking Care of You As you begin to prepare for your first weeks for school, it’s important not to be overcome by the emotions you may be experiencing. Many first year teachers feel overwhelmed at accomplishing the tasks of setting up their classroom climate and structures they forget to organize their personal business. A beginning teacher needs to set up a personal file to ensure they maintain an organized copy of all professional documents, personal health insurance, investment options, evaluations, professional development, and other info such as:

    • Health care info Retirement fund info
    • Important personal documents
    • Copy of your contract Employee benefit info
    • Copy of current resume and teaching certificate
    • Copies of all evaluations and notes
    • Copies of parent contact logs
    • Doctor information on hand in case of illness
    • Emergency substitute plans
    • Classroom emergency plans
    • Records of all professional development and workshops attended
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