Time Savers

  • Time Savers Make a “to do” list everyday. Check it off as things are completed. Update daily


    Teach students procedures to hand in papers, right side up with names in ONE specific location. Have a basket for each class


    Assign each student a learning partner. When a student is absent, their partner can help with notes, handouts, assignments missed, etc...


    Have sponge activities on the board as students enter. These should have educational relevance to what is being taught/reinforced in the class. This should be in the same location with consistent procedures so students are clear on what is expected of them as they enter the classroom each day


    Create a homework box/file/station to assist students who were absent or lost a homework paper. Or for extra credit/extra practice


    Designate one specific day (or days) per week that student work is sent home


    Have a bulletin board specifically for schedules, lunch tallies/schedules, important events


    Have a personal care kit at school (aspirin, needle, thread, buttons, safety pins, band aids) for things you may need while at school

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