What Can I Hang on My Classroom Walls?

  • What Can I Hang on My Classroom Walls? Painting & Wall MountingInformation

    The mission of GPISD Maintenance& Operations Department is to provide wall finishes that are aesthetically pleasing and maintained well, but also comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Painting will be performed by the M&O Department or approved contractor only; no other staff members will be allowed to paint any District-owned facility.

    Staff will not be allowed to use staples, stickers, tape, or any non-approved adhesives on the walls in order to maintain the quality of the paint job as long as possible. Items may be mounted with a removable mounting putty or adhesive.

    NOTE: Removable mounting putty/adhesive will be approved by M&O, stocked in the Warehouse, and will be available through campus and department requisitions.

    Any item that must penetrate the wall to be mounted must be approved and/or installed by the M&O Department.

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