Facilities Cleaning & Cleaning Protocols

  • Facilities Cleaning

    The safety of our employees and students are our first priority.  Upon reopening, all schools will have been completely cleaned and disinfected and we will continue to adhere to all necessary safety precautions.  In addition to the deep cleaning of the office and school before employees and students return, the cleaning steps outlined below will be taken to disinfect workplace surfaces, chairs, tables, etc. to protect employees/students and reduce the risk of spread of infection.  We will direct employees to maintain this safety standard by continuously cleaning and disinfecting based on the frequency stated below:





    Classrooms, Offices

    At the end of each day


    Refrigerators, Microwaves, Coffee Machines


    Electronic Equipment

    Copier machines, Shared computer monitors, TV’s, Telephones, keyboards

    At the end of each use/day and/or between use

    General Used Objects

    Handles, light switches, sinks, restrooms

    Multiple times per day


    Bus seats, handles/railing, belts, window controls

    At the end of each route

    Common Areas

    Cafeteria, Library, Conference rooms, Gyms, Common Areas

    At the end of each use/day; between groups

    Each site will be 100% disinfected prior to anyone returning to work.

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  • General Disinfection Measures Protocol

    • All custodial staff members will be required to use Personal Protective Equipment the entire workday; Custodial staff members will wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect, in addition to wearing face masks.
    • Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required based on the cleaning/disinfectant products being used and whether there is a risk of splash.
    • Hand sanitizers will be stocked daily in classrooms and common areas and throughout the campus.
    • Cleaning supplies readily available in common areas for proper cleaning/disinfecting.
    • High touch surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day – including tables in common areas, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, handrails, push bars, toilets, faucets, sinks etc.
    • Student desks, employee desks, phones and keyboards will be cleaned at the end of the school day.
    • Restrooms will be cleaned/disinfected a minimum of twice a day, following CDC guidelines.
    • Common areas will be cleaned/disinfected a minimum of two times daily.
    • Cleaning and restroom checklist to be completed by custodial staff and monitored by supervisors.
    • At the end of each school day, all classrooms and offices will be deep cleaned using EPA-registered disinfectants.

    Deep Cleaning And Disinfection Protocol

    Deep cleaning is triggered when an active employee or student is identified as positive for COVID 19 based on testing.  Deep cleaning will be performed as soon as the confirmation of a positive test.  While the scope of deep cleaning is presumed to be the full site, sites may reduce the footprint to be deep cleaned if there is sufficient rationale to do so, and they gain consensus of the superintendent and the COVID19 Crisis Team. 

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