Early College Fact Sheet


    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children’s education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records. When a student turns 18 years old, or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, the rights under FERPA transfer from the parents to the student.

    Therefore, all correspondence with the college must from student to professor and professor to student.

    College Classes Freshman Year

    Skyward Schedule: 2nd and 6th periods are allotted for college classes.  If the actual college class is placed in 2nd period - College Prep class will be in 6th period or visa versa.

    Freshmen only take one college class per semester. They will take 2 college classes per semester their Sophomore year. 

    So, students will work on their college course work  Monday - Thursday during 2nd and 6th periods.  

    The college professors come to our campus only Monday - Thursday.  Fridays during 2nd or 6th, depending on whether it is an A day or a B day at SGP, will be for College Prep Instruction/Guidance with the student’s SWAT teacher.   

    Our ECHS teachers will cover various topics during CPrep friday, such as: helping them learn eConnect, Blackboard (eCampus), and how to communicate with professors, etc. 


    SGP course grades will be visible on Skyward, and teachers will issue progress reports; however, the college grades will not post on Skyward.  These grades will post to the student’s transcript after each semester.  The college will provide a mid-term grade. 

    We encourage parents to actively monitor student progress by having the student show you his/her Blackboard grades regularly.  

    A - 95, B - 85, C - 75, D - 65, F - 60   Ds are NOT passing.  

    Grades will be taken on Fridays for CPrep lessons.  Please ensure students have their devices charged and are prepared to login to eConnect and Blackboard during this class. 

    Dropping Classes: 2020-2021 Drop Dates -  November 12 and April 15 

    It is VERY important to pay attention to the drop dates posted on our ECHS website. 

    If students fail to drop a class prior to the drop date, they risk lowering their GPA below 2.0 at which time they are placed on PROBATIONARY Academic Standing.  If this continues, they can end up on SUSPENSION.  When on probation or suspension, they will not be allowed to take new classes at the college.  They will be allowed to repeat failed courses only to raise their GPA back to GOOD standing. 

    It is recommended that a student confer with the Dean at SGPECHS prior to dropping a class.

    The DROP Forms and instructions for dropping classes are posted on the ECHS website.

    Both student and parent must sign the PDF fillable document and email it to our Dean of Academics who will communicate with the college to drop the class. If the dean doesn’t receive the drop form prior to the drop date, the student will have to remain in the class.  

    College Procedures for Student Issues

    Sometimes students need to resolve an issue in a class.  The college requires that we follow these procedures:

    1. Student emails the professor clearly and professionally. The professor has 48 hours to respond.
    2. If perhaps the professor does not respond within the 48 hours, the student needs to email our college liaison, Mrs. Nunez at gnunez@dcccd.edu  Dr. Slaton would like to be copied on these emails to Mrs. Nunez.
    3. Students, of course, are always advised to contact our Dean, Mrs. Wallace, for advising.  

    How to access Blackboard

    Step 1

    You will need to login to blackboard for all of your college courses. 

    MVC will not use Canvas like your high school teachers. All of your college courses will use blackboard. It is imperative that you have access to blackboard, so make this your first step. 

    How to log into blackboard (using a computer)

    • Open any internet browser
    • Navigate to dcccd homepage (https://www.dcccd.edu/pages/default.aspx)
    • At the top left click on “students”
    • In the drop down menu select “current students”
    • Scroll down to “ecampus” 
    • Select “Access my courses now”

    Sign into blackboard (username= e (MVC id number) @student.dcccd.edu) e1234567@student.dcccd.edu

    Make sure to add the “e” first and that you use MVC ID not GPISD ID

    Enter your password

    Having trouble or need to reset your password?

    Navigate to South Grand Prairie ECHS website (https://www.gpisd.org/SGPECHS)

    On the left column select “student support”

    Select “ecampus/econnect help”

    Here you will find information on finding your MVC id number, resetting your password, and much more. 

    Once you have access to blackboard 

    Click “courses”

    Here you will see all of the courses you are currently enrolled

    You should see my course PHED 1304-####

    Step 2

    After you have logged into blackboard check the “Announcement” tab

    This is where I will give you information about the course. For example, an announcement letting the class know that a test is due. 

    Also, click the “course content” on the left side of the screen. 

    This is where you will find all of the assignments, quizzes, lecture notes, and information for the course divided into units. More information about this next week. 


    That didn’t work now what

    eCampus or eConnect Issues

    • Instructors, facilitators and students phone 972-669-6555
    • Students not accessing eCampus - send an email to DualCreditECHSSupport@dcccd.edu with your course information (eg PSYC2301-52345), student’s name, ID#, and someone will reach out to the student.
    • DualCreditECHSSupport@dcccd.edu is managed by the Virtual Dual Credit Call Center team who are available Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and can answer general dual credit questions from students and direct them to their best point-of-contact. If a student needs assistance, they can contact the team via the DualCreditECHSSupport@dcccd.edu email but must include their first and last name, Dallas College ID number, and what they need help with.


    Textbooks for College Classes

    • our textbooks and materials are housed in your ECampus.  You can click on the link below to watch a tutorial about Follet's Redshelf:




    • And . . . if that doesn't work:


    If you require technical assistance, you may access our customer service center via phone or web:

    Web: Student Technical Support Chat:  https://help.edusupportcenter.com/shplite/dcccd/hom

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