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    This activity helps us remember the things we are grateful for. Draw a heart and piece it off into sections. Label each section with an item you love and then designate a color to it. Sometimes just reminding ourselves about things we love can help change our outlook.

    things that i love

    Often times we try to block or suppress our emotions. For example, anxiety, we try to keep from feeling our anxious. This can actually intensify our feelings of anxiety. Instead just embrace it for what it is not bad not good. Embrace your feelings without judgement.

    ride the wave

    This activity allows us to look at ourselves in an honest, loving way. In the center of a piece of paper write I AM. Then surround it with words that express who you are. Try to keep it positive this way when we are feeling down we can go back and look at all the amazing things that make us who we are.

    i am...

    For this activity draw a circle and then divide it into triangles, like you would cut a pizza. For each section assign an emotion, then use color and shape to express the emotion.

    my emotions wheel

    The project allows us to look to our future and set goals. Draw a crystal ball, inside the crystal ball draw images that show how you picture your future.

    crystal ball

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