PPG Foundation Community Engagement Grant Program

  • The PPG Foundation Community Engagement Program allows any GPISD teacher/campus to apply for a maximum of three (3) grants, up to $1000 each, per campus.  These grants will be reviewed and awarded by the PPG Foundation and funded directly to the campus.  The grant cycle is ongoing; however, the GPISD Education Foundation would like to encourage our GPISD campus leadership and teachers to apply as soon as a proposal letter/application is ready for submission.  It has been suggested that campuses may have multiple applications ready for submission, in case there is any issue and an application is declined, then another submission could be ready.  Remember that there is a maximum three awards per campus.

    Applications consist of a one-page explanation of the innovative grant project, INCLUDING the following required items in letter format:

    • Must be submitted on GPISD letterhead
    • Date of submission
    • Campus information required, including address, phone, email contact (please note: if approved, the grant funds will be directly submitted to the campus)
    • Name of teacher applicant, with signature and contact information provided on the application
    • Name of campus principal, with signature and contact information provided on the application
    • Name of the proposed project and explanation of its educational purpose
    • Explain how it will impact student population on your campus
    • Itemized budget of items requested
    • Important:   Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding

    View and download a letter template here.

    Past grants have been awarded for various projects, including multiple areas of study as related to STEM, including integration of language arts and fine arts. Feel free to explore the PPG Foundation Community Engagement website for more information about the program:  https://communities.ppg.com/ppg-foundation  In partnership with PPG, the GPISD Education Foundation will be the point of contact for the applications.  Please use this email for your questions and applications:  grants@gpisd.org

    Gather your ideas and proposals. We will be providing more details on the GPISD Education Foundation webpage regarding submission of your grant applications.  Let’s “Be the Light” and show our community partner, PPG, what great things are happening in GPISD.

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