Hour of Code

  • Getting Started

    Get started by doing one of the following:

    • go to hourofcode.com
    • use a coding app on your ipad such as swiftplaygrounds
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  • There are More Computer Science Jobs Than Qualified Candidates to Fill Them

    pixelated spaceship 1 MILLION

    more CS jobs in the US than qualified applicants to fill them.


    Computer Science jobs are growing at twice the rate as any other job.


    growing source of wages in the US.

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  • 58%
    Although 58% of all new STEM jobs are in computer science, only 8% of STEM graduates study computer science.

    Higher education cannot produce enough computer science graduates. Only 4% of all bachelor degrees earned are in computer science.

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  • Pathways to Jobs in Every Industry

    Pathways to Jobs in Every Industry

    • Software Developer
    • I.T. | Database Developer
    • Aviation Systems Engineer
    • Video Game Programmer
    • Robotics Engineer
    • Weather Analyst
    • Graphic Arts | Web Designer
    • Major League Sports | Player Analyst
    • National Defense | Cyber Security
    • Biology | Animal Tracking
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  • There is a Lack of Diversity in Technology

     gender pie chart legend  Females 17% race pie chart   legend  Latinx 7.1%
    legend  Males 83% legend  African American 9.2%
      legend  Asian 13.3%
      legend  White 70.4%
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