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  • GPHS Caregiver Series

    For any adult influencing a child's life such as teachers, coaches, mentors, non-custodial caregivers, and custodial caregivers.

    Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5985995848

    Contact lrdavis@familyplace.org for any questions.

    Red Flags

    1 in 3 teens experience relationship violence. All members of a community--teachers, parents, counselors, coaches, etc.--play a role in recognizing and preventing this type of abuse. This training dives into the multiple types of abuse that can occur within relationships, how to recognize the signs of abuse, and what action to take when you know about an abusive relationship.

    January 28, 6-7 pm

    Digital Abuse

    This type of abuse occurs via technology like social media, gaming platforms, and other apps. Caregivers should be informed about their teen’s media use and proactive in starting discussions about online safety. This training will help caregivers find the balance between being aware and involved with technology use while also being respectful of their teen’s privacy.

    February 25, 6-7pm

    Trusting Relationships with Youth

    Most teens who experience abuse will never report it to anyone--including their parents/caregivers and teachers. Lack of trusting relationships with adults is a big obstacle to reporting and seeking help. This training will equip adults to interact with youth in ways that make them feel safe, respected, and valued.

    March 25, 6-7pm

    Supporting an Abused Teen

    It's hard to know what to say or do when someone discloses abuse, and when that person is a teenager our first instinct might be to jump in and "fix" things. Every survivor of abuse has a different experience and different needs. This training will equip caregivers and other adults to respond to teen abuse in a way that is appropriate, supportive, and trauma-informed.

    April 29, 6-7pm

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