Graduation day! Important details

  • Important Information for Graduates


    Students need to arrive 60 minutes before the ceremony begins. They will enter at the venue according to the plan for each location. No seat-swapping is allowed.

    Dress Code for Graduates:

    Graduating seniors should already be wearing their caps and gowns when they arrive at the venue. Graduates should be reminded that no distracting, disruptive or unauthorized items will be allowed during the formal graduation ceremonies. This is a special day for each graduate and their guests and GPISD looks forward to a respectful, orderly ceremony for all.

    Diplomas for Graduates:

    Graduating seniors will be given an empty campus graduation cover during the actual ceremony. The authentic, original diploma will be provided to the graduate after the ceremony. Please check with each individual campus for how this will be handled for your campus.

    Important Information for Family Members, Guests, and Employees

    Bag Policy at Texas Trust Theater

    Bags are not allowed to enter Texas Trust CU Theatre beginning January of 2022. For more information, visit their website:

    Arrival and Entrance

    All graduates will have specific information for their arrival time and the entrance to each venue provided by the campus. Graduates are urged to arrive on time as there will be no delay to starting time of graduation and we are excited to include every graduate.

    Family members and other guests may arrive up to 60 minutes before the ceremony begins.  They must use the identified entrance for each venue and present their ticket to gain entrance.

    GPISD Faculty and Staff Arrival and Enter

    Faculty and staff may arrive up to 60 minutes before the ceremony begins. They will enter through the entrance as identified by their campus administration. Faculty and staff must present their tickets to gain admittance.  Every employee should wear his or her GPISD badge.

    Lasting Memories of a Special Moment: Photos

    GPISD campuses will utilize photographic services to capture the moment when each senior receives his or her high school diploma.


    Several graduations have a second ceremony on the same day. We are asking all guests to enjoy their graduate off site after the ceremony and allow the venue to be refreshed and parking lots to clear for the following graduation. Campus employees will dismiss the graduates at the end of the ceremony. While graduates are being dismissed, families and guests should exit the venue and go directly to their vehicles.  No congregating after the ceremony is allowed anywhere on property. Families and graduates should make plans to meet at another location after the ceremony.

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