• Parents and Class of 2021 Seniors,

    Due to weather forecast the next two days, we will be moving ticket pick up to inside the school.  Students MUST wear a mask will inside the building. Please take a moment and to read all information carefully and look over the new map for iPad Drop off and Graduation Ticket/Packet pick up.  

    Senior iPad return and Graduation ticket/packet pick up will be on Monday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 25th at SGPHS from 9:00-12:00pm.  ONLY the Graduate may pick up their tickets/packet. (No friends or family may pick up) (See new map below)

    We would still love for the Seniors to wear their 2021 Senior Shirt or College shirt (Cap/Gown Optional) We are so excited to see the Class of 2021!

    Please read all important information below about Graduation Packet/Ticket Pick-Up and iPad return:

    ***Very Important – Students MUST have a Photo ID or School ID in order to drop off iPads and to pick up Ticket Packets  

    ALL Seniors will enter through the main campus front entrance:

    Station 1 & 2 - iPad Return (Student MUST have their iPad to go through the Ticket pick up stations)

    • Bring iPad, case, and charging block & cord (original)
    • Make sure iPad is charged to at least 50%

    Station 1 – Located on the Landing in the cafeteria

    (Make sure you log out of your Apple ID before you come or know your Password)

    • Someone will check to be sure students have removed their Apple ID from their iPad
    • You will NOT need to reset your iPad until you are asked to do so at Station 2

    Station 2 – Located in the Lobby Area near the vending machines

    Final check of iPad for damage

    • Technology will check your iPad
    • You will be put on the fine list if your iPad is lost, damaged, or missing items.

    How to Log out of your Apple ID.pdf 

    Resetting your personal Apple ID.pdf 

    Senior iPad drop off.docx 


    Station 3 – Located outside the Testing room and discipline office

    Fine List Check


    Station 4 – Located on the East side of the cafeteria  (You must go through station 1-3 before station 4)

    Graduation Ticket Packet Pick Up

    Packet Includes:

    • 10 Graduation Tickets for family and friends
    • 1 Ticket for the Graduate
    • Awards (cords, medals, stoles, etc)
    • Graduation Day Important Information
    • 2 copies of the graduation program


    Station 5 – Name Verification (located in the cafeteria)

    • Verify spelling and pronunciation of your name


    Station 6 – Senior Gifts (Optional Station) (located in the cafeteria)

    • Seniors who paid their Full or Spring Senior Fee will receive the Senior Gifts

    Inside Packet Pickup Lobby.png 

    lobby map


    Inside Packet Pickup Cafeteria.png 

    cafeteria map