Cleaning of Facilities

  • The safety of our employees and students is our first priority. At the start of the 2021-2022 school year, all schools will be completely cleaned and disinfected, and we will continue to adhere to all necessary safety precautions.  Building personnel will implement the cleaning procedures outlined below to disinfect workplace surfaces, chairs, tables, and other items to protect employees and students and reduce the risk of infection.  We will direct custodial staff to clean and disinfect our buildings as indicated in the table below:

    General Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures

    Category Area Frequency
    Workspaces Classrooms and offices At the end of each day
    Electronic Equipment Copier machines, shared computer monitors, TVs, telephones, keyboards Cleaned by campus as needed
    Frequently Touched Objects Handles, light switches, sinks, restroom surfaces, etc. Cleaned as needed
    Buses Bus seats, handles, railings, belts, window controls At the end of each day
    Common Areas Cafeteria, and other common areas Cleaned between uses by different groups

    Protocols For General Disinfection By Staff

    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required based on the cleaning products or disinfectants that are being used and the possibility of the products being splashed onto the skin
    • Hand sanitizers will be available at all times in all areas of the campus; they will be replenished regularly
    • Cleaning supplies will be readily available in common areas to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting as needed
    • Custodial staff will use a general cleaning and restroom checklist that is monitored by supervisors
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  • Updated August 6, 2021
    *Some protocols may be subject to change based on updated guidance from the state of Texas, public health authorities, or changing conditions in Dallas County and/or Tarrant County.
    *Algunos protocolos pueden estar sujetos a cambios con base de recomendaciones actualizadas del estado de Texas, autoridades de salud pública, o condiciones cambiantes en el condado de Dallas y/o Tarrant.