Family Engagement Plan (Pre-K through 5th Grade)

  • Introduction

    The Grand Prairie Independent School District is committed to making parents/guardians, community members and educators full partners with GPISD, empowering families to support the early learning and development of children and by providing families educational opportunities and resources to ensure lifelong success.

    In accordance with the Commissioner's Rule 102.1003 (f), GPISD will establish the following family engagement strategies that are based on best practices research to support student learning, achievement and family well-being.  These practices are proven to demonstrate positive short-term and long-tern outcomes for early childhood education.  This document highlights the various examples of the multitude of strategies that each campus will select to participate in, based on the individual needs of the students and parents of that campus, which will include the six family engagement plan components.  Some activities will meet more than one component and could be applicable to both.

    A. Facilitate family-to-family support using strategies such as:

    • Activities building positive and productive relationships where families can learn from each other.
    • Provide a safe environment at each campus to promote family engagement, considering the different barriers that hinder family involvement. (“Meet & Greet and Family Nights)
    • Assist families in creating goals for their child and help in obtaining those goals.
    • Include Family Engagement Specialist at Pre-K campuses and Parent and Community Liaisons to support families with workshops to enhance skills level of adults, translations, and share information about programs.

    B. Establishing a network of community resources using strategies such as:

    • Build community partnerships with community colleges such as Mt. View and DCCC to improve education level of families.
    • Maintain a relationship with city wide organizations to enhance adult and child learning.
    • Inform families of various GPISD resources and outreach programs such as “Connections Program,” GPISD LEAP and other organizations that promote learning and well-being.
    • Partner with Ser-National to provide Early Head Start (0-3 years) to those families that may qualify.

    C. Increase family participation in decision-making using strategies such as:

    • Families will be given the opportunity to give input on campus climate surveys, beginning and end of year surveys, surveys about future programs, surveys about their needs, survey about family engagement, etc.
    • Parents will be included in the District Improvement Committee, as well as Campus Improvement Committees on each campus.

    D. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning using strategies such as:

    • Family Engagement Specialist providing work sessions on developmentally appropriate activities to utilize at home.
    • Individual family conferences at the end of the first 9 weeks with every Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten parent to discuss their child’s academic progress.
    • Providing all Pre-K parents, a yearly calendar in English and Spanish that provides ideas and activities to do with their child at home to enhances the learning in the classroom.
    • Host a district back to school workshop providing a wide variety of community services available at the event.
    • Technology workshops to allow parents to be active partners in their child's education and help them become 21st century learners and ultimately digital citizens.
    • Parent Liaisons at each campus will provide a variety of different parent activities to increase parent involvement in the campus.

     E. Assist staff in developing skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children's learning benchmarks using strategies such as:

    • Provide staff training to ensure that they are building relational capacity with students and parents.
    • Provide professional development that focuses on crucial conversations.
    • Provide knowledge base on importance of family engagement and promote it district-wide.

     F. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement using strategies such as:

    • Set child-centered goals with parents and meet periodically throughout the year in order to discuss the progress that has been made.
    • All campuses will incorporate district family engagement goals in their Campus Improvement Plans with specific family engagement strategies outlined that follow this plan and support the district goals.
    • The district will survey parents annually on the effectiveness of the prekindergarten – 5th grade experience for their child and their family.
    • Evaluate programs annually within the district using a nationally recognized evaluation tool to collect data for continuous improvement.


    In conclusion, the Grand Prairie Independent School District hopes to use this Family Engagement Plan to promote shared responsibility to increase and enhance the collaboration of district staff with parents.  All efforts will be focused on improving the education of all students in an innovative way that will help them become lifelong learners who will be able to be successful and compete in an ever-changing world.

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