Staff Device Loan Agreement

  • GPISD Staff Device Loan Agreement


    Grand Prairie ISD employees may be issued one or more mobile computing device based on job function or program requirement. Mobile devices shall be provided to support district missions, goals, and initiatives. At the time of equipment distribution, recipients will be required to sign a Receipt of Equipment Form and Device Loan Agreement. Staff will be responsible for the security and maintenance of their assigned devices.

    Definition of Mobile Computing Device

    The use of the following district-issued hardware devices are covered in these guidelines:

    • Laptop and tablet computers
    • Handheld devices
    • Cellular telephones
    • Audio or video equipment
    • Mobile docking stations
    • Keyboards, mice, and other input devices
    • Mobile device accessories, including cases, chargers and batteries


    This agreement governs the use and care of mobile devices assigned to individual staff members. This agreement covers the period from the date issued through the return date of equipment to GPISD. All issued equipment shall remain the sole property of Grand Prairie ISD, and is governed by the GPISD Responsible Use Procedures and Board Policies including, but not limited to, CQ (Local) and DH (Local)

    GPISD staff shall be issued mobile computing devices to support district missions, goals, and initiatives. Limited personal use of equipment is permitted if the use:

    • Imposes no tangible cost to the district
    • Does not unduly burden the district’s technology resources; and
    • Has no adverse effect on job performance or student academic

    Employee Responsibilities

    • Employees are required to bring devices to work each
    • The employee who is assigned the device is responsible for all use of the
    • Employees are responsible at all times for the device, whether on district property or
    • Employees may not loan mobile devices or components to others, including colleagues, students, or family
    • Employees should not leave devices unsupervised in unsecured
    • Each device will be asset tagged a unique serial number that is not to be modified or

    Resignation, Termination or Reassignment

    The employee must turn in the device and accessories to the Technology department upon resignation, termination, or reassignment. Any additional accessories must be returned to the department/campus that purchased the equipment.

    Device Repairs

    In the event a mobile device needs repair, enter a work order to report the issue. All repairs will be performed by Grand Prairie ISD Technology Department. Employees or their family members, friends, or contacts are not allowed to attempt repairs themselves or to contract with any other individual or business to repair any district owned computer equipment.

    Support Hours, Location

    Direct support of mobile devices will only be provided while devices are on campus, during normal business hours. If an employee experiences a technical problem at home or beyond normal business hours, the issue should be reported in a work order the next day.

    Grand Prairie ISD will not provide support to staff members attempting to connect mobile devices to the Internet or networks outside of district owned facilities, such as:

    • Home networks
    • Restaurant, coffee shops, or businesses
    • Hotels
    • Other districts or institutions


    District-issued mobile devices may be monitored for responsible use, asset tracking, and troubleshooting purposes, in accordance with the GPISD Responsible Use Policy and School Board Policies. Employees will provide access to devices and accessories upon request by the school or district. A search of the device and files may be conducted if there is suspicion that any policies, procedures, or guidelines have been violated.

    There should be no expectation of privacy regarding the contents of computer files or communication using any school owned computer or network.

    Grand Prairie ISD will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in investigations of suspected illegal activities conducted through district owned equipment.

    Warranties, Damages and Theft

    Hardware Warranty

    Warranty coverage is purchased by Grand Prairie ISD as part of the purchase price of the mobile device. The manufacturer’s warranty does not warrant against damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or accidents.


    In accordance with GPISD Board Policy DG(LEGAL), the employee assumes financial responsibility for technology equipment usage off school property or outside of a school-sponsored event.

    • The employee will be responsible for compensating Grand Prairie ISD for any loss or damages caused by intentional misuse, abuse, or
    • All fees must be paid in full before devices will be returned or
    • If a mobile device or any peripherals are deemed to be intentionally damaged by an employee, that employee will be subject to disciplinary action and will be responsible for the full cost of the device
    • The determination of accidental versus intentional damage will be the decision of district or school


    The employee must report incidents of theft occurring off campus to the police and a copy of the police report must be given to the school principal within 48 hours. Employees who fail to do so will be held responsible for the replacement cost of the device. Any theft occurring on school grounds must be immediately reported to the principal.

    If there is no clear evidence of theft, or if the device has been lost due to an employee’s negligence, the employee will be responsible for the device replacement cost.

    In the event of a theft occurring off campus the employee will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the device.


    GPISD employees who have been issued a mobile device are advised to consider obtaining appropriate insurance through their preferred agent.

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