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  • I want my child to attend a school other than the school showing in Skyward registration, what do I do?

  • How long before I receive a response from the campus after submitting enrollment?

  • My student was enrolled in Grand Prairied ISD in a prior year, am I able to use my Skyward Family Access login information to submit New Student Online Enrollment?

  • My children were enrolled in Grand Prairie ISD last year, but withdrew before the end of the year. What do I need to do to enroll them?

  • I currently have an active student attending a school in GPISD. I have another child that will be new to GPISD. How do I enroll this child?

  • I do not have a computer and/or internet access at home. Can I still enroll my child?

  • Once I complete the enrollment forms online, am I finished with the enrollment process?

  • Whom do I call with questions about the Online Registration Process?