• The House of Kindness

    Nukumori is the House that originates from Japan. A group of individuals that understand that kindness is the true strength that will build their character, the members of the House of Nukumori are known for the friendship that they extend to everyone around them. They treat others with respect, and in doing so they earn the respect of all others. 

    Incoming members have a heart of kindness — even if they do not even see it within themselves in the beginning! That is because they learn that the great level of kindness that they must extend to all others grows over time to become a more full and beautiful character trait. This is why they take great inspiration from the symbol of the cherry blossom: it reminds the members of the House that kindness must be grown and cared for like a delicate flower, until it blossoms into the most beautiful flower in the entire garden.

    But kindness does not necessarily mean meekness or timidity. Kindness means stepping in and defending others, taking care of them and seeking what is best for others as well as ourselves. This is why the dragon is Nukumori’s symbolic animal. Filled with ancient power and wisdom, it is fierce when the time calls.


    Heritage: Japan

    Language: Japanese

    Symbolic Animal: The Dragon

    House Color: Purple