• The House of Unity

    Onraka traces its origins to the land beyond the Himalayan mountains, where a group of powerful Indians were given the name because of the Tamil meaning behind it: the House of Unity.

    This group of very special individuals is known for the way that they stick together through any and all challenges. They always behave as a team — like a family — that knows that any obstacle in front of them will not be able to hold them back if they deal with it together. If they all work together to lift each other up, then the whole team will be able to rise to new heights as one. 

    The House does not believe, however, that being unified means being the same as everyone around them. Instead, the history of the land of their heritage, India, reminds them that unity in diversity is the true strength of the House. Each member is unique and different, and these differences are appreciated and even celebrated. They choose unity over everything, even with differences put aside. 

    The bengal tiger is  the symbolic animal of the house, which is a quiet and consistent strength. It exercises great restraint in using its power until the time is right. Much like the tiger, Onraka earns its stripes by showing self-control in everything they do. This is balanced by the emerald dove, who reminds them that peace is a great strength as well.


    Heritage: India

    Language: Tamil

    Symbolic Animal: The Bengal Tiger and Emerald Dove

    House Color: Orange