• The House of Success

    Protos is an ancient House of wisdom whose name reflects the Greek root word meaning “first” — the House whose destiny is defined by striving for excellence.

    Protos knows that wisdom and knowledge will be the strength that will guide them towards academic success. They pursue wisdom in everything that they do. This is why the scroll is on top of a shield in the center of the House crest: wisdom coupled with patience is a catalyst through which those who have mastered it have attained scholarship.

    The ancient Greek laurel represents peace and patience. It reminds the members of the House that they must seek to become the types of scholars who earned a crown through a peaceful greatness.

    The Corinthian soldier, whose helmet is at the top of the crest, was an ancient warrior who was both a citizen and a soldier. The House of Protos knows that they defend their House best by being the most upstanding citizens of their school and community overall.


    Heritage: Greece

    Language: Greek

    Symbolic Animal: The Bear

    House Color: Turquoise