• The Social Emotional Achievement (SEA) program is designed to meet the needs of students with emotional and behavioral disorders that require a highly structured educational setting to address the following areas:

    • Teaching replacement behavior for inappropriate behavior patterns which interfere with student success
    • Increasing pro-social behavior and decreasing disruptive behavior
    • Increasing instructional time and academic achievement
    • Increasing communication with parents and providing parental support

    The SEA program serves students with emotional and behavioral disorders that significantly impact their educational progression. The SEA program provides instruction in a highly structured environment, focused on developing appropriate social and behavior management skills that will allow students to participate in the general educational setting. The students are included in less restrictive settings (i.e. in-class support, facilitated support, and general education school programs) as skills are developed. The students receive instruction in the general education curriculum in the SEA unit, unless otherwise stipulated by the ARD committee.

    Program components include highly structured, individualized programming, goal setting and progress monitoring, therapeutic group meeting, processing of social and behavioral goals, social skills training, and inclusion with mainstream peers and activities when appropriate.

    Special education teachers and paraprofessionals have access and are trained in a variety of research-based curricula. Curricula will be selected based on individual student need and Individual Education Plan (IEP) team discussion with consideration of curriculum being utilized in general education. Region 10 Education Service Center and GPISD Special Education Department provide teachers information and training on a variety of curricula that have been found to be effective for students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders. Continuous progress monitoring of individual goals and objectives guide educational and curricular decisions.

Social Emotional Achievement

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