Branding, Style and Social Media Guidelines

  • Branding and Style Guidelines

    View and download the GPISD Branding and Style Guidelines.

    Social Media Guidelines

    The Grand Prairie ISD Communications Department maintains the District's social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, X [Twitter], LinkedIn, and YouTube).  GPISD makes every effort to inform the community of events and/or important information occurring in the District while most importantly, promoting student achievement as well as accomplishments made by District employees.  Any statement or comment posted must ensure that student achievement, academic growth, innovation, and equity to all are maintained across all District social media platforms.  Comments made to any District post, are solely the opinions of the users who post them. GPISD welcomes and encourages responses to social media posts as long as they adhere to these guidelines.

    GPISD reserves the right to remove any comment or post that…

    • Is degrading or attacks the character of a student or a staff member
    • Includes inappropriate topics, cursing, or abusive language
    • Is threatening in any manner to a student, staff member, campus, or GPISD
    • Promotes the use of any illegal activity, drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances
    • Promotes a personal business that is not associated with GPISD
    • Contains information that could cause a disruption to the school environment
    • Violates any copyright or fair use laws; no plagiarism - give proper credit for other’s work
    • Violates the privacy of GPISD students and/or staff
    • Violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
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