Radio Purchasing Information

  • GPISD Purchasing of District Radios/Accessories/Repairing Procedures
    2023 - 2024

    Fixed Consumables List for Radio Communication - Bearcom
    Fixed Consumables List for Radio Communication - Aerowave

    When purchasing/repairing District Radios or purchasing accessories please adhere to the following:

    • Contact Charleen Green via email or phone regarding request to purchase district approved radios and/or accessories. The campus will initiate a requisition for the purchase order. Important: state on requisition “quote received from Charleen Green”. Attach copy of price sheet or quote used to the requisition.  Include vendor name listed on price sheet or quote and Buy Board Contract number. Must use approved vendors, Bearcom or Aerowave.
    • The PO must be emailed to,
    • Charleen will send purchase order to selected vendor (Aerowave or Bearcom) with radio ID numbers to be engraved, and specific instructions for radio programming.
    • Upon receipt of the new radios/accessories the radio programming will be verified, asset tag(s) applied, and added to the campus inventory in FMX. I will notify the campus once complete.  The campus must receive items in skyward within 24 – 48 hours and notify Charleen.  If that is NOT done within that timeframe the order will NOT be delivered to the campus. Order will be returned to the vendor. It is imperative that this step is done to avoid delayed payment to vendor.
    • If products are inadvertently sent to the campus, please contact Charleen Green immediately and do not open package(s).
    • If you have a radio(s) not working submit maintenance request in FMX for each radio. Provide engraved radio number by selecting it from equipment drop down box. If it’s not listed, put the number in the description (NOT OPTIONAL), and provide detailed description of the problem you’re having with the radio (charger/battery etc.).  We will provide batteries until current supply is gone. It will then become the campus responsibility to purchase batteries.
    • If valid through date on price sheet(s) or quote(s) has expired, you must request updated quote. Prices are subject to change. Charleen will provide updated price sheets periodically.   

    Neal H. Sandlin, CPM, CSSP
    Chief of Security and Emergency Preparedness

    Charleen Green
    Radio Services/Video Tech

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