Teen Parenting Program

  • Grand Prairie offers Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) supports, including Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI) for eligible students during the pregnancy and postpartum periods.  The program is designed to assist both male and female students in becoming excellent parents while also meeting graduation requirements and setting college and career goals.

    Compensatory Education Home Instruction

    CEHI is the mandatory support service component districts offer in a PRS program.  CEHI provides academic services to the student at home during the pregnancy prenatal period, when medically necessary, and during the six weeks of postpartum recovery period. CEHI must consist of face-to-face contact with a certified teacher of the district.  During CEHI there must be a an adult present along with the student. 

    Who is Eligible for Services?

    Any student who is currently enrolled in GPISD and is expecting a child or is parenting.  Only the female student is eligible for CEHI.  Students must voluntarily agree to participate and must have a signed consent form from their parent/guardian.

    Student Support Services May Include:

    • Case Management
    • Prenatal & Childbirth Education with Injoy Curriculum
    • Parenting Education
    • Home Instruction
    • Assistance in Acquiring Childcare
    • Transportation
    • Coordination of Services Based on Needs Assessment
    • Counseling: Individual, Peer, Self-help, Career
    • Attendance Monitoring

    *Services are provided on the student’s home campus and remain eligible for services until they graduate from high school.

    Need to Make a Referral?

    Students can be referred by a staff member, such as a Counselor, School RN, Teacher, or Principal.  Parents of a teen parent can make a referral.  Students can also be self-referred. Visit this page to make a referral


    GPISD Consent Form

    Grand Prairie WIC Office

    828 S. Carrier Pkwy., Suite 100
    Grand Prairie, TX - 75051
    (214) 670-7200

    Prenatal Information – Text4Baby https://www.text4baby.org/

    Child Care Financial Assistance

    Dallas - https://childcaregroup.org/

    Tarrant County - https://tarrantcountyccms.org/

    Search Texas Child Care - http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_care/search_texas_child_care/ppfacilitysearchdaycare.asp

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