College, Career, and Military Readiness Goals and Outcomes

  • Preparing for the Future: College, Career, and Military Readiness in GPISD

    As students approach the transition from high school, it's essential to be well-prepared for the various pathways that lie ahead, whether it's college, career, or military service. Graduation is an important milestone, but it's just the beginning. Are graduates ready for what lies ahead?

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  • Why is CCMR so important?

    valedictorian group photoCollege Readiness: Nurturing Academic Excellence

    When students access and are successful in collegiate level work in high school, their chances of enrolling, persisting, and attaining a college degree increases substantially. A college degree can make a substantial difference in lifetime earnings.

    Additionally, the credits that students earn in high school can save significant amounts of college tuition.

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  • GP ECHS valedictorianCareer Readiness:  Empowering Students for the World of Work

    When students graduate with industry level certifications, they distinguish themselves among other applicants and increase employment chances.  
    Additionally, students with these certifications are able to move past entry level positions and work higher in their organization. This has positive impacts on lifetime earnings and promotional opportunities.

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  • ROTC STUDENTSMilitary Readiness: Honoring Service and Commitment

    With a deep respect for those who choose to serve, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a military career successfully. 

    Joining the military opens up additional education, compensation, and training benefits.  Additionally, students in JROTC programs may earn the ability to enter the military at a higher rank.

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  • How is readiness measured?

    Readiness is grouped into three categories:

    • College
    • Career
    • Military

    Each of these areas have specific criteria that indicate that a student is well prepared for life.

    How does GPISD support each area?

    Preparation for ACT, SAT, and TSIA

    Advanced Academics AP Program

    Dual Credit and OnRamps

    Associate Degree

    Texas College Bridge Completion

    GPISD Career and Technical Education

    Military Opportunities

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  • 3 Ways to be CCMR Met

    College Ready

    College Ready

    • ACT, SAT, or TSIA Scores
    • Dual Credit Courses
    • AP Exam Scores
    • Associate Degree
    • Texas College Bridge Completion

    Career Ready

    Career Ready

    • Industry-Based Certifications
    • Completed IEP with Workforce Readiness
    • Advanced Diploma Plan for Special Education Students
    • Level I or Level II Certificates

    Military Ready

    Military Ready

    • Enlistment in the US Armed Forces
    • Enlistment in the Texas National Guard
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  • How does the Texas Education Agency measure and reward districts for College, Career, and Military Readiness?

    How does the Texas Education Agency measure and reward districts for College, Career, and Military Readiness

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  • Student Resources

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  • Contacts

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