Think Like A Robot

  • Students decorating their shape robot.In this lesson, young learners will be introduced to the idea of coding by using their voices, creativity, and collaboration skills. Students will be introduced to the concept that Robots cannot think for themselves and need specific directions. In turn, students will create a robot out of familiar shapes and then follow the commands by classmates to become said machine.

    Differentiation Ideas
    For younger learners, this could be split into 3 days of work: 
    Day 1 - Shape Robots
    Day 2 - Speaking Coding Commands 
    Day 3 - Recording and Debugging Coding Commands

    For older students, these activities can be done as partner work, timed challenges, with obstacle courses, and so much more!

    This lesson was created during an Apple Coaching Cycle with Apple Learning Coach April Schmigel Muńiz.


    Dice & Shape Visual

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