Story Retelling with Clips

  • Preview of a stuffed bear in the Clips app.Students demonstrate their understanding of the material through a recording of reenacting the story/event. 

    The actors in the video can be dolls, puppets (avoid paper bag puppets, they crinkle loudly during recording), created items, or themselves. This activity can be completed individually, with partners, or with table mates. 

    To personalize the videos, allow learners to use filters, stickers, subtitles, voice overs, and music.


    *Extension: Allow students time to show their videos to the class. Create a NearPod presentation with a collaboration board for each group. Students can leave encouraging messages and feedback to each group as they present. (Teacher will approve messages as they are submitted and decline negative or unnecessary comments.)


    Want to use play doh or legos to create your characters? Use the Stop Motion app in Self Service to easily create a motion picture with inanimate objects!

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