COVID-19 Guidelines

  • What to Expect at GPISD Games in 2020

    Spectators will be allowed to attend Grand Prairie ISD athletic events up to a maximum of 40% of a venue’s capacity but will be required to adhere to certain guidelines.

    Spectator Guidelines

    • All spectators must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Spectators must be symptom free before arriving to the athletic event.
    • Masks and/or face coverings will be required for all spectators.
    • Social distancing of at least six feet will be required of spectators not from the same group. Every other row will be left empty within the event venue to assist with social distancing.
    • All fans will be subject to the stadium's bag guidelines.
    • No one will be allowed on the field or court of play.
    • The district will enforce a "no re-entry" procedure during games.
    • There will be no cash sales in the concession stands. (Credit Card only)
    • Ushers, security personnel, and school administrators will assist with crowd control and social distancing.
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  • Gyms

    The workers on the court will be the same. Clock Operator, Scorekeeper, PA Announcer

    The adjusted capacity of the gym is listed below. When the designated number of tickets are sold, the game is sold out. No more tickets will be sold.

    • Turner Gym (GP) – 1000
    • Coliseum (SGP) – 1000
    • GPFAA Gym - 80
    • JV Gym (SGP) – 200
    • Red Gym (SGP) – 100
    • Alexander - 80

    All spectators will wear masks and exercise social distancing. Coaches, administrators, and security personnel will remind spectators to spread out in the stands. Families can sit together.

    Concessions can be sold in the main gyms. Products will be limited to self-wrapped items (chips, crackers, candy, etc.) and bottle or can drinks. All workers will wear masks and gloves.

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  • Warrior Stadium - 700

    Basically, the same procedures as in the gyms. All workers, spectators, coaches, officials will wear masks. Players can wear their helmets on the sideline, and not worry about distancing, if they have a face shield or mask. If they don’t have a face shield or mask, then they must social distance.

    Sideline rules -  Players will spread out on the sidelines to the 10 yard lines. Cheerleaders will be from the 10 yard line to back of the endzone. They can come on the field at end of quarters and half time.

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  • GPISD COVID 19 Practice Guidelines

    • All workouts must be scheduled before or after school hours.
    • All Student\Athletes must have a physical and should complete all on-line forms located in Rank One, including the Medial History document in order to be cleared for workouts. These forms may be accessed at
    • Students are required to wear a mask and to maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more when not actively engaged in drills, etc.
    • Students will be required to check in at a designated location each day.
    • A Health Screening survey will be conducted to check for COVID 19 exposure or symptoms. Students who answer YES to COVID 19 related symptoms will be isolated and sent immediately for further evaluation by the athletic training staff. Parents will be contacted for  pick up if trainers determine there is a possible COVID 19 case.
    • Equipment will be routinely sanitized before, during, and after activity.
    • Hand sanitizing will be made readily available to students for use throughout each practice session.
    • Students should bring their own 1 gallon (or similar size container of water) each day. Students will not be allowed to share water bottles or towels.
    • Access to locker rooms will be supervised, masks will be required, and students will maintain a distance from each other of 6 feet or more at all times.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any individual who (a) are test-confirmed to be positive for COVID 19; or (b) experiences the symptoms of COVID 19, must stay at home throughout the infection period, and cannot return to the campus until they have met the criteria below for re-entry:


    • At least one day (24 hours) have passed since RECOVERY or resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications.
    • The individual has improvement in symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and
    • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.


    • Such individual is assumed to have COVID 19, and the individual MAY NOT return to the campus until the same 3 criteria listed above have been met.
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